Joshua & Shauntay

    Wedding Day
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Joshua Carlton


Shauntay Holder

October 5, 2023

New Albany, OH
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Our Story

And They Shall Be One Flesh

Joshua and Shauntay met through mutual friends while Shauntay went to a football game that Joshua and his brother played. They didn’t date right away but hung out with their mutual friends occasionally. Years went by and Shauntay and Joshua started to hang outside of their mutual friends. Forming a special friendship with one another, and months later they became exclusive. During their relationship, Joshua and Shauntay committed their lives to Jesus Christ. Both got baptized in the name of Jesus, putting to death their former lives and raising up walking in newness of life. Both realize the importance of not only knowing God but establishing a personal relationship with him was important individually and having God as the foundation of their relationship. March 2022 Joshua proposed to Shauntay during what Shauntay thought was a normal date to take professional photos. Many photos were taken and a video captured the moment. Joshua and Shauntay are both elated to have you all join them as they commit themselves to marriage through God. Hoping that day will be of great enjoyment but also of great encouragement of getting to know Jesus Christ.