Shannon & Pawel


Pawel Swiecki


Shannon Bayard

October 7, 2023

Lancaster, PA
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The Origin Story

There is no beginning of us without 1st mentioning our bestfriends and cousins. In 2017 at Seton Hall, Shannon decided to set up Gabriella, Shannon’s best friend, with this “nice Polish boy” Shannon has seen around at parties* (studying- sorry mom!) for a sorority date event Gabi and Shannon had coming up. Okay, spoiler alert Gabi and Krzysztof (the nice Polish boy) hit it off and are now getting married. But now back to us: Picture this, Shannon is in her 1st semester of grad school, studying neuroscience at her kitchen table when she gets a call from Gabi, “Krzysztof’s cousin got 4 tickets for a Knicks game and he told us to bring a girl, so you’re coming” who said romance was dead? Pawel shook Shannon’s hand, and Shannon thought “wow, there’s now 2 nice Polish boys I know”. Shannon of course made Pawel laugh the whole night, a sneak peek of such an important pillar in their future life together. Pawel was in his first year of his finance career, Shannon was just trying to make it to the next assignment. The fun, support, and trust developed over the following year helped us prosper in our personal lives, which became the origin of our love story. ❤️

The Best Decision of Pawel’s Life

Pawel and Shannon traveled with their friends and family to Salem, MA to live Shannon’s life journey of becoming a Sanderson sister. Pawel asked Shannon what she would be looking forward to the most to which Shannon replied “seeing the Sanderson sister house???” (Duh). The morning comes and everyone else is expecting this proposal except for Shannon. Shannon wakes up jumping on the bed, Pawel then tells Shannon to calm down because “it won’t be THAT great of a day”. Rude. So Gabriella has to do damage control as Shannon was trying to place temporary Halloween tattoos on her face (a must for a Halloween in Salem), Krzysztof is carrying around a school book bag which was weird and suspicious, (Shannon later finds out he was carrying her future ring), and pumpkin spice is in our coffees. It’s a great day! We show up to the site of where Hocus Pocus was filmed and Pawel fulfilled every dream Shannon had on an engagement, without even knowing it. Pawel took pictures with Shannon and as Shannon was making sure her angles were good on her pictures, there was Pawel down on one knee.😍 Don’t worry! Pawel got grandpa’s blessing beforehand, he’s a nice Polish boy remember?