July 28, 2023
Farmington, CT

Nicholas & Shannon


We’re getting married!

Nicholas Cometa


Shannon DeBari



July 28


Couple Q&A

WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST DATE? HIS RESPONSE: Our first "official" date was a casual drive around Boston. Shannon navigated the entire way and I was really impressed with her navigational skills. It is like Shannon can navigate around Boston without any GPS! HER RESPONSE: After driving around one evening, we went to the KFC drive through window to get some mashed potatoes. I took pride in what an affordable and easy-going date I was! (Nick hated it;) WHAT DO YOU ENJOY DOING TOGETHER? HIS RESPONSE: We enjoy playing any game. Whether it be cribbage, backgammon or just a random one Shannon creates. We excel in escape rooms and have never failed one of them (some additional time may have been added). HERS: We love singing in the car, dancing at Cask, playing Pickleball, eating (particularly restaurant week) and seeing how quickly we can watch an entire season of a show! HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN TOGETHER? HIS: I cannot count how long we have been together. Seems like forever! Since 2015 :) HERS: Ditto! TELL US ABOUT YOUR ENGAGEMENT! WAS IT A SURPRISE? HIS: As many people know, I am quite the romantic. To start the day I decided to get a pedicure and manicure with Shannon and set up a dinner reservation during restaurant week (our favorite time in Boston). I wanted to go to the Grotto (our favorite restaurant in Boston!) but Shannon said she wanted to go there with our friends to share the experience rather than just ourselves. I quickly panicked and said, "Why don't we do a 5pm dinner in the Seaport?" As we went to dinner, I had my brother and his fiancé secretly come to the condo and decorate it with candles, rose pedals, and a water feature! As we had dinner, Shannon kept thinking I was going to propose during dinner or in the Seaport. As we came home and there was still no proposal, Shannon thought maybe some other day or tonight while watching a movie. As we opened the door to the condo, Shannon was in awe and shock as she saw the condo decorated with flowers and candles. I got on one knee and Shannon was totally surprised! HERS: I knew when and where it was happening:) Nick and I had brainstormed different ideas for how to get engaged and I had explicit instructions: either a flash mob with all of my friends!!!!… or privately in the condo. I’d been bugging Nick about getting our nails done and suggested that could be my birthday gift, and then he suggested going before the 5pm dinner! Two big giveaways! We spent the weekend pretending to be excited about our nails and our favorite Morton’s bread loaf…and it ended perfectly!:) WHAT DO YOU APPRECIATE MOST ABOUT YOUR PARTNER? HIS: Shannon has a very caring personality. She is always looking out for other people and looking for ways to help. Whether it be in a classroom or myself, she is always helping and thinking of others :). HERS: Nick is a selfless person, always prioritizing the people closest to him and bringing with him strong family values and great friends. He is always up for a good time, trying something new, and doesn't mind driving;) He's thoughtful, yet decisive and an amazingly supportive partner across the board.

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