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January 4 - 7, 2024

Los Cabos, Mexico


Please join us for our wedding celebration in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Beginning Thursday, January 4 through Sunday, January 7, 2024. You will find the wedding itinerary, attire, accommodation and transportation details as well as answers to frequently asked questions in the pages to follow. Please RSVP through the link in the Paperless Post email invitation at your earliest convenience and no later than September 15, 2023.

Our Story

Shannon and Navid's love story began at a ketubah party in 2018, where their paths crossed for the first time. Although their families had known each other for years, it was on this unforgettable day that their own journey truly began. Shannon was seated at a table by herself, when Navid approached her with a warm smile and playfully grabbed a pair of sunglasses off the table. He asked if they belonged to Shannon and once she replied that they weren't hers, Navid slid on the glasses. Shannon couldn’t help but be amused and wondered where this charming man came from. It was then that he introduced himself. Navid knew he had to capture the magic of the moment, so he pulled out his phone, held it up, and snapped a selfie of the two of them. Little did they know that this single photograph would become the first page of a beautiful chapter in their lives, marking the beginning of a love story they would cherish forever. A few months later, fate would have it that Shannon happened to run into Navid and his best friend, Shawn Sasooness. Well, this wasn't entirely a coincidence since Shannon had posted on her Instagram that she was at the Harlowe, and magically, Navid appeared an hour later.They exchanged numbers and Navid finally asked Shannon out on their first date to Katana, and the rest was history. As their relationship progressed, Shannon’s family invited Navid over to their house for their first Shabbat dinner together. Little did Shannon know, Navid had a special surprise planned. He had the brilliant idea of bringing two baby goats to dinner, showing his unique sense of humor and creating a memorable and laughter-filled evening.. Shannon and Navid’s relationship grew stronger as they supported each other throughout life’s endeavors. Shannon worked various jobs from EMT to Medical Assistant to Behavioral Tech and is now completing her credentialing to become a Physician Associate. Navid is a CPA and runs his own Accounting Firm, Nav Capital Consulting, and it wasn’t without the tremendous support of both Navid and Shannon that the two of them could excel in their respective careers. 3 years of adventures later, Navid planned a surprise proposal at the Ritz Carlton Laguna hotel over the fourth of July weekend where he asked Shannon to marry him and of course, she said Yes! Shannon and Navid cannot wait to celebrate this special day with you as they embark on this new chapter of their lives!

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