Justin & Shannon



Shannon Barber


Justin Green

February 24, 2024

Allen, TX
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How We Met

Geaux Tigers to Geaux Green

Justin and I met in the fall of 2008 on the campus of Louisiana State University. It was our Freshman year. We were both Sociology majors and also lived in the same cluster of dorms, The Pentagon, known to students as the "Pentahood". We met early in the semester, and Justin asked to sit with me one day in the dining hall only to be told by my best friend "you can't sit with us". Funny, but awkward, luckily Justin still pursued my friendship. We grew closer throughout our time on campus, often encouraging each other throughout our academic journeys. We remained in contact through 2015 when I graduated from law school and Justin was exploring different cities through work. Adulthood made us busy and life continued to geaux on. Fast forward to 2022. I returned to campus for a football game, the first time Southern University and LSU played each other. It was a mini homecoming, except Justin wasn't there. Luckily, his line brother was in attendance and we ran into each other. Unbeknownst to me, he let Justin know that he saw me and that I may be single. He encouraged Justin to reach out, and thankfully Justin did. Justin reached out and sparked a conversation like it hadn't been over 5 years and we quickly caught up. The conversation was so good Justin decided to visit Dallas. When he arrived, he let me know not only was this a date but that he had full intentions of pursuing more than a friendship this time. His intentionality swept me off my feet and the rest is history. Now, we can't wait to Geaux Green!

The Engagement

Lets Geaux Fly

Justin can't really keep a secret, and lets be honest neither can I. He asked how do you feel about heights, and I said as long as I'm sitting down its fine. In hindsight, he should have asked himself that (lol). Justin surprised me with a helicopter flight over downtown Dallas, where he was nervous the entire ride, and I had the time of my life. And the nerves were mostly about the flight, and maybe 10% the proposal. Once we landed, he got down on one knee with a photographer in the wing asking if I would spend the rest of my life with him. It was the easiest yes I've ever given. LETS GEAUX!!!

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