Shannon & Vince

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Vince Defroscia


Shannon Radford

June 9, 2024

Eureka, CA
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How We Met

October 2020

We met through the wonderful World of Warcraft. He was a tank and I was a healer it was a match for the ages. We spent a few months talking before having our first date in January 2021. I made lasagna which let’s face it sealed the deal right then and there! We moved in together in July of 2021 and have loved every minute of it. We enjoy our simple life with our dog Drogo, our snake Monty and our cats Rip and Daphne. We love camping and plan to visit as many national parks as possible.

The Proposal

June 10 2023

Vince decided one Saturday morning that it was the perfect day for a hike. We took our Yorkie Drogo and headed out to Alhambra Creek trailhead to explore Briones Regional Park. We chatted while avoiding poison oak, letting Drogo lap at the creek water which turned into a swimming adventure of course. We narrowly missed walking through large spiderwebs and encountered a happy horse. We came to the top of a hill and I looked around while getting Drogo a drink of water. There was a creek and forest to our south, meadow with sparse trees to our north with Mt Diablo visible through the open space. I turned around to point out the beautiful view to Vince and Surprise there was a box in his hand with the perfect ring! He asked very simply ‘Will you marry me’ and I responded ‘Yes of course’!! We are ecstatic to be sharing our happiness with family and friends!

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