December 19, 2021
Pune, MH, India

Shalmli & Rohit

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

A Hindu-Indian wedding means family is all hands on deck! Each Aunt, Uncle, cousin has a role during the ceremony. However, before we leave for India, our celebrations will be kick-started with our closest friends. Once in India, both families will be able to see a glimpse of our life in the US through the many lifelong friends who will be dancing, giving speeches, or straight crying through the weekend. The bridesmaids include girls Shalmli has known her entire life & spends every holiday season with (Piyusha, Sammy, Natasha), her ever-constant Chaddi-buddy (Gunjan), family friends who have shared endless laughs (Vedika, Pooja), her "older sis" (Surbhi), very best school friend (Sanya), college roommates who truly shared everything (Anjali, Aditi, Priyal), her newest soul-sister (Radhika), and her 1st Stamford fam from '98 (Malu, Priya, Maitreyee). As usual, we have no closet space left for the guys, sorry! You will have to wait to see who the groomsmen are until the wedding ;)

Shilpa Joshi

Mother of the Bride

We're giving Soulful Cooking a break to enjoy these festivities. P.S. - Prize for anyone who captures her crying!

Medha Kulkarni

Mother of the Groom

A favorite of the Bride's Grandma, for more reasons than one :)

Uday Joshi

Father of the Bride

Some say he is the jolliest man in the room (hopefully the jilebis are up to par!)

Vidyadhar Kulkarni

Father of the Groom

He's certainly got the yoga moves, but will we see some dance moves at the Reception?

Tejas Joshi

Brother of the Bride

He wanted to be the Bartender, but instead, he'll be twisting the Groom's ear - don't miss this tradition during the ceremony when he tells Rohit to take care of his sis!

Tanvi & Janhavi Gokhale

Karavlis of the Groom

Fraternal fireworks!!

Swarada Joshi & Eira Nirantar

Karavlis of the Bride

Blessed with the absolute Best "little" cousins.

Rutuja Kulkarni

Karavli of the Groom

The (self-proclaimed) cool of the Kulkarnis

Piyusha Sane

Maid of Honor

They have been planning their futures together, laughing uncontrollably, and beating long distance way before Rohit was in the picture... since the womb ;) Piyusha will be joining Eira in India as Co-MOH.

Pushkar Kolhatkar

Best Man

"Baburaooo" - He who must exist to converse in endless movie dialogues with

Rajesh Nirantar

Uncle of the Bride

The one who must walk (or dance? still deciding...) with the Bride down the aisle.

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