May 1, 2021
Starke, Fl

Richard & Serena


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Richard Bair


Serena Ingram



May 1


Serena's background

Serena Ingram was baptized at 8 years old and began to Regular Pioneer at 9 years old. Before turning 16 she had already attended two Pioneer schools and have aided a couple of Bible Students to serve Jehovah. Having served as a Local Missionary with Tagalog, assisted with LDC and various assignments in Disaster Relief, she learned how to balance her time and resources to continue in her goal to one day attend the School for Kingdom Evangelizers. In the meantime, she continues as a commuter for the Palm Coast Facility (SKE) and she now attends her third Pioneer Service School. Serena continues to rapidly travel in this figurative road while remaining in her full-time volunteer work and to support herself secularly.

Richard's background

Richard Bair too has traveled in a remarkably similar path going in the same direction. At a young age of 13 he dedicated himself to Jehovah. He used his scholastic education to further qualify for his spiritual goals and was appointed as a Ministerial Servant at 18 years old. In 2015 Richard began to Regular Pioneer while working with LDC in renovating Kingdom Halls and Assembly Halls. Out of his own expense and sacrifice he traveled frequently to the Jersey City Assembly Hall (Stanley Theater) to help with maintenance. He started his Bethel service in 2016 and attended Kingdom Ministry School in 2018. Throughout his Bethel service he never stopped volunteering with LDC on the weekends because like his bride to be, he is not satisfied with just one or two assignments. He continues his full-time service as a Pioneer and is entering his 6th year as a Ministerial Servant.

A Merging of Two Roads

As with two roads travelling in the same direction these two are not looking to slow down but to merge as Husband and Wife in their full-time service to Jehovah. (Ecclesiastes 4:9) In their preparation to continue in their journey, they have acquired all basic household necessities. These responsible love birds have prepared their nest with their focus of seeking first God’s Kingdom. (Matthew 6:33) Let us help them reach their goals and build their treasure chest. What a loving gesture it would be to gift the Bride and Groom help for their future in assisting others while they are Bair-Ing(ram) good news.

Wedding ceremony via Zoom on May 8th 2021

Richard and Serena's Wedding Program Date and Time: May 8, 2021 at 2:30 Program begins at 3:00 Meeting ID: 868 2639 2805 or use link: Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86826392805

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