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Serena & Chris

We're Getting Married

Curved Lines

Serena Chow


Chris Thompson

September 14, 2024

Toledo, OH
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How We Met

Paths which crossed finally reach a destination...

Serena and I would first meet in middle school and strangely and unknowingly followed one another from middle school to middle school starting in the 4th grade where we both attended Navarre. We didn't really know each other then and the following year we both moved to different neighborhoods on the East Side but both attending Oakdale Elementary our 5th grade, still not aware of each other's existence. In 6th grade Serena transferred to East Side Central while I stayed at Oakdale. It wouldn't be until our 7th grade year at East Toledo Jr. High that I would finally take notice of this lovely young lady with a gorgeous smile and the biggest hair standing at the bus stop chatting with her friends. I would become enamored with just listening to the chatting of Serena and her friends trying to learn anything and everything I could about what was known to the rest of the world as "teenage girls". The bus stop was at the corner of both of our houses and again being in such close proximity of one another without realization. In the 8th grade I would continue to admire Serena, and this would not change as we both entered into High School. We both attended Waite and even though finally aware of one another's presence, which was more I aware of her than she of myself, we would never become more than just friendly acquaintances. Serena and I would go on to graduate high school and she would then start a family and graduate from Owens with a career path in Radiology. I would leave Ohio and join the military eventually moving to Virginia. It wouldn't be until 19 years later when I finally moved back to Toledo that I would cross paths with that girl I use to have a crush on at the bus stop and we would say hello. We would later meet for lunch and catch up on everything which had happened in each other's lives over the years never really realizing how we had attended all the same schools yet never becoming more than acquaintances. It was during this time Serena, and I became close friends and over time we became closer. Realizing the more time, we spent together we hated the times spent apart. And this my friends is when two acquaintances, who became friends, who then became best friends, became lovers and now look to become husband and wife.