Sequoya & Raymond

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Raymond Wright


Sequoya Turner



September 16

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Wright’s Life

Sequoya and Raymond met one night when an old co worker invited them all outto a hookah bar. Sequoya was new to the job so hadn’t yet met with Raymond until that night. One thing about Raymond he is a cocky individual so for some reason I ( Sequoya) was supposed to know who he was or even care for him. He would soon realize you got to come correct to come at me. Apparently since I wasn’t easy he didn’t like that and I was a stuck up. I(Sequoya) was nice and had a conversation but I didn't pay him any mind. The next time I saw him we were at work and this rude ni**a didn’t wanna say hey. So what i do? Y’all i keep it hot! since you don’t see me I DON’T SEE YOU LOL. I had better moves to make then to chase that man. Mind you, we was working together at the time and soon enough one day I’d be getting a text message. I guess somebody(Raymond) didn’t want to play the invisible game any more. I gave in and text him back. I don’t remember how we started hanging out but what i do know is we’d become inseparable. You see him; you’d see me and vise versa. Seven years later I said yes to the ring; I guess i did like his cocky self, haha. We getting married now and it’s going to be a party of a marriage. Thank y’all for coming and supporting us.