Priscilla & Sean

Sean Hernandez


Priscilla Garcia

August 13, 2023

St. Augustine, FL
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On our one year anniversary, Sean proposed! 🥰

How We Met

Sean found me on the first day I signed up for Facebook Dating with a Super Like nudge. It got my attention to check out who was so interested in me, so I responded. Our online conversation was short and spunky and Sean asked to meet me right there and then. I was actually on my way to the gym and he asked if he could meet me there because he was in the area. So I agreed to meet him at Planet Fitness. We walked and talked and time flew by. I jokingly challenged him while we were on the stationary bikes and said “Alright let’s see what you got.” As I noticed Sean’s sweat dripped down his face, I told him I was just joking. Suddenly he lowered his intensity on the bike and sighed with relief. I laughed and said “ Boy if we work out, I would say I made you work hard since the day we met!” I would say we both knew very early on that we found someone special.