Beau and Sean #TotalBS


Sean Skow


Beau Pulliam


October 28, 2023

Bend, OR

A little bit of luck

Conference to Courtship

In 2018 Beau was working for a Gourmet Meat Snacks company in Tillamook OR, as the Head of Quality and was instructed to implement an ERP solutions software. Beau having received a master's degree in food science was obviously well equipped to implement an IT software... Though the task seemed daunting, it did come with a trip to Las Vegas to attend the users conference for that software. Sean had been working as Senior Consultant for an ERP Software company in Minnesota (where he is from), that had just acquired a new meat manufacturing customer. He listened to stories from the implementation gent assigned to that account and learned of a guy named Beau that was "very good, and will be a treasure, and is lots of fun to work with". Sean was excited to meet the people at that company especially Beau because he could be a good friend potentially. The conference was getting closer, and Beau was not looking forward to the heat in Las Vegas or attending a Tech Conference, He is a Scientist after all. Sean was also dreading the conference, because, of his large fear of public speaking and his dislike for social interaction. The conference was finally here, both Sean and Beau mingling and enjoying the free drinks at happy hour, when it was suggested that we hit up a local dispensary for some legal goodness (not legal in MN). Since Beau is from OR where is has been legal forever, he considered himself an expert, even though to that day he'd only been in one dispensary. Upon the return to the happy hour Beau and Sean were talking, when Beau realized that this Sean fella was Smart, y'all He is REALLY Smart! Sean Realized that Beau was indeed a treasure and the two continued to hang out, talk and play casino games with the other people they had met for the rest of the evening. Upon leaving the next morning, Sean saw Beau and the two exchanged cell phone numbers and continued to talk for a couple of months. At some point during this friendship the two very handsome gents decided that there could be more to this whole thing that we were missing. Perhaps a relationship of the romantic variety, but who knew? Both having been in dead end relationships with women, decided why not see what the heart is thinking and agreed to fly Beau to Minnesota for a few days to try a proper date and see if there was indeed more to this than they had thought. SPOILER ALERT.... There was... Sean Flew to Oregon a few times, and Beau back to Minnesota a couple more. It was time to announce it to the world, they were smitten. Sean Moved to Seattle with Beau in January of 2020 and they have been going strong since. Traveling, exploring Washington, buying a home in Issaquah, and they are Both Rotarians! Now... the next big step.

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