Reagan & Sean








September 23, 2023

Round Hill, VA
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How We Met

Sean's Story vs The Truth

We have two different stories on how we met depending on who you ask. The truth vs the fiction. If you were to ask Sean, we first met when he was visiting his friend at JMU. He was walking across campus with Derek to get food when he heard a scream for help. Sean, being the valiant hero that he is, went to investigate and came across Reagan getting mugged. Sean jumped in and saved her! Defending her honor and her belongings. Reagan then swooned into his arms and the rest is history. If you were to ask Reagan what the true story was on how they met, she would tell you they met through a dating app. Reagan had put down in her bio that she wanted someone to not just say "hello, how are you?" in a message. She wanted someone to say a fun fact about themselves to catch her attention. Out of everyone who messaged her, Sean was the only one who actually started off with an interesting fact about himself. And the rest is history.

The Proposal

Valentine's Day Surprise

Sean has always been a romantic at heart. One of his love languages is grand gestures. So in 2022 he decided to set up a Valentine's day surprise. He claimed that he would not be able to celebrate Valentine's day that year on the 14th because of a work conference he had to attend. Instead he said that he wanted to go away for the weekend for a little winery trip. He made reservations for a small Bed and Breakfast, The Manor at Airmont. They arrived (it started snowing!) and checked in. After they got a tour and settled in, Sean then drove them to Bluemont Winery. When they arrived, they were led to a table that could sit 8 people. Odd, because as far as Reagan knew, it would just be the two of them. After ordering a glass of wine and some food, Sean asked Reagan to take a quick walk through the vineyard before he gave her her last Valentine's Day gift. They walked down to the vineyard and looked out at the beautiful view. After a couple of minutes, Sean said he wanted to give Reagan her final gift. He took out a portable speaker and turned on a song. He then proceeded to sing Big Big Plans to Reagan. He gifted her a Capitals jersey with the name Doyle printed on the back. And at the end of the song when the singer sang "And I'm down on one knee, I guess she finally figured out, I'm going to ask her to marry me", Sean got down on one knee and proposed. After Reagan said yes, she heard cheering behind her. She turned around and saw her parents, Sean's parents, sister and aunt coming down the hill to join them. Sean knows how much family means to Reagan so he made sure their family was there to celebrate with them. After having a couple of bottles of wine to celebrate, the party then went out to dinner at The Lightfoot to celebrate with really good food and more wine! And the rest is history.