September 24, 2022
Dickson, TN

Katie & Elijah

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Elijah Reed


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September 24


First Date

September 2018

We had our first "date" at the fountain in front of McWhorter building at Belmont University. We talked for hours that night and then talked on the phone for hours after that. Eli talked the whole time and I (Kate) wished he would never stop.

The Proposal

May 04, 2021

I got home from work on a Tuesday, tired and grumpy, when Eli suggested that we go to Cook Out for dinner and take a walk around the Parthenon with Quinn. I agreed, though it was rainy that day and suggested we go on a walk later in the week - but Cook Out was still a great idea for dinner! Eli brushed it off and said we would see what the weather was like when we got there. After grabbing our food, we parked at the Parthenon (where it was still raining). As soon as it started to lighten up outside, Eli made Quinn and I get out of the car to go walking. I crossed my arms sternly but followed. We made it maybe 100 meters from the car and it began to pour! I was so mad. I said "Nope! We're not doing this!", grabbed Quinn, and turned around to head back to the car. As I was walking, Eli was falling behind because he "had something in his shoe." Eli called my name and I turned around saying "WHAT?" I was in the rain! Why was he making me stop?! I turned around and there was my guy on one knee asking me to spend forever with him. I was in awe - completely shook that I was being so stubborn, all while he planned to propose. It was such an us moment for us to be stubborn and caught in the rain - and then end up laughing and loving in the moment. - Katie