August 13, 2022
Ypsilanti, MI

Kristyn & Scott

    Wedding Party
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Wedding Party

Kristyn Kosmyna


Scott Lange


Sean Wilhite

Best Man

Sean is Scott’s longtime friend from St. Mary’s Catholic Central. During their teenage years, Scott spent just as much time at Sean’s house as he did his own. A few years later, Scott and Sean moved into to a house in Monroe together where they had epic bonfires and drank plenty of beer. Sean in going to school at University of Toledo to become a lawyer and even has his first job learning the skill in Monroe. Scott is happy to have his good friend stand by him on his big day.

Jerard Delaney

Best Man

Jerard is Scott’s childhood best friend, who grew up across the street from him growing up. Jerard loved coming over to the farm to help out his family and Scott loved going to Jerard’s house to play all of the video games he couldn’t at his house. Just two years ago Scott had the honor of being Jerard’s best man at his wedding. Now Jerard is expecting his first child with his wife Molly in February 2022. Jerard is truly a member of Scott’s family and Scott cannot wait to now have Jerard be a part of his wedding.

Rob Lange


Rob is Scott’s only brother. Scott has many memories of Rob both good and sometimes painful, growing up from sharing rooms to working with the family’s cattle. Rob and Scott have a love of all things with motors. The brothers have shared motor bikes, go karts, four wheelers, side by sides and snowmobiles. Therefore, they can talk endlessly on the decisions that go into purchasing and fixing them. Rob has three children with his wife Hillary ranging from eleven to four years old. Scott is thrilled to have his big brother be a part of his big day.

Kyle Langton


Kyle is another friend of Scott from St. Mary’s Catholic Central. In many ways they became friends because he kept coming around and somewhere along the line that turned into friendship. Kyle lives in Monroe where he is a Controls Engineer at Humber Automated Systems. He has a wife, Caitlin, and two sons, Declan and Bentley. Kristyn and Scott are very excited to have Kyle be a part of their wedding and look forward to him standing by them on their big day.

David Novotny


David is a big part of Scott and Kristyn’s story. David is a close cousin of Kristyn and a good friend of Scott. Scott and David met at Eastern Michigan University where they were both going to school to be pilots. Since then, David has spent much of his piloting career at Kalitta where he is an instructor captain on the 747. Without David, this wedding would not even be possible. Six years ago, David brought Kristyn to a pilot party with the intention of introducing her to Scott. There, they hit it off and now David is a part of their big day!

Aaron Kosmyna


Aaron is Kristyn’s only brother. Scott has really enjoyed getting to know Aaron over the course of the last six years. The two have had time to bond on a number of trips Up North to David’s house in Oscoda. Aaron graduated from Central Michigan University in 2020 and now is a Carrier Sales Representative at Coyote Logistics. Aaron actually had a role early on in Scott and Kristyn’s relationship. After three dates Kristyn was on the fence about friending Scott on Facebook and like a brother does, Aaron took her phone and did it for her. Kristyn and Scott are both excited to have Aaron join them on their big day.

Jody Mark

Maid of Honor

Kristyn's true partner in crime, Jody, is the obvious choice for Maid of Honor at the Lange Wedding! Jody and Kristyn met ten years ago at a Hallmark store, lived together for a year and now can barely go a week without seeing each other. Jody is a Veterinary Technician with a huge love for animals. She is the sweetest girl you will ever meet and Kristyn wouldn't want anyone else right by my side on my wedding day! Favorite Memory: Kristyn and Jody's amazing one year in our Plymouth Apartment together! Jody and Kristyn would just look at each other any week night with a smile knowing the other one wanted to go to the bar too. They became regulars at Herman's Old Town Grille to the point where they sent them a Christmas card (which of course they displayed).

Elizabeth Bazner

Matron of Honor

Kristyn's other co-conspirator, Elizabeth, needs to be right by the bride as the Matron of Honor at the Lange Wedding! Kristyn and Elizabeth met ten years ago at a Hallmark store and now Liz lives seven minutes from Kristyn at Scott's old house. Elizabeth is a huge fan of Halloween and has her house decorated year-round for the season. She is kind and always thinking about others. Kristyn could not imagine her big day without her! Favorite Memory: After finding Kristyn a wedding dress, she and Liz celebrated with a few shots, but the party did not end there. Liz came back to the house with Kristyn (Don't worry they didn't drive!). They continued the party by dancing Kristyn's field while it rained. Perfect end to the day!

Amy Novotny


Amy is Kristyn's best cousin friend because, yes, you can be best friends as cousins! Amy and Kristyn have been in each other’s lives since before Amy was born. There is an infamous story of their first interaction if you ask either of their moms. Amy is having her own wedding in Jamacia in February. It has been very exciting for the both of them to share their wedding experiences with each other. Kristyn is so excited that Amy will now be a part of her big day! Favorite Memory: While there is literally a life time of memories to choose from, Kristyn's favorite memory with Amy is the Europe trip they took together in Summer 2016. They celebrated Kristyn's birthday with their French friends, almost saw the Pope and sang Spice Girls karaoke with Italians! It was a trip of a lifetime!

Ashley Wilkins


Ashley is one of Kristyn's oldest and dearest friends. They met in homeroom at Discovery Middle School their sixth-grade year. Some may think Ashley and Kristyn are the same person because in many ways they are! Every time they meet one starts the sentence "I know this might sound crazy but..." and without question the other one has had the same thought too. Kristyn could not imagine her big day without her likeminded and very special friend, Ashley. Favorite Memory: Ashley and Kristyn went through some awkward times in life together since they met in middle school. One of Kristyn's top favorite memories of Ashley is when they used to dress up in Ashley's old dance costumes in her basement to make the ugliest possible combinations of outfits! Good times!

Komal Patel


Komal is Kristyn’s oldest friend. They met in fourth grade at Hoben Elementary School and they have remained friends ever since. Komal is a nurse at a Beaumont Health hospital and is working hard towards becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner. The past two summers Komal and Kristyn have created a tradition of completing a Downtown Plymouth bar crawl on a Wednesday. Each year brings new memories for them. Kristyn looks forward to creating these new memories with Komal on her big day! Favorite Memory: Kristyn has so many years of memories to chose from with Komal. Ultimately, Kristyn’s favorite memory of Komal is not a memory but more of a phase, the denim hat days, which Kristyn can never let Komal forget. Please ask Komal for more details about this time in her life.

Katie Lange


Katie is Scott’s younger sister and has become good friends with Kristyn over the years. Katie is a Family Nurse Practitioner at the Karmanos Cancer Institute in Bad Axe, Michigan. Katie has done an amazing job in the time she has lived their to really make her house a home. Scott and Kristyn both love visiting Katie in Bad Axe for nights at a fire or a night full of board games. Scott and Kristyn could not imagine their big day without Katie and our so excited to have her standing alongside them on their big day. Favorite Memory: Kristyn’s favorite memory of Katie is the night they went on a Double Date to Downtown Ann Arbor. They had a great time sipping on sangria at Dom’s, hit the dancefloor at the Blue Lep and ended up at Korean Karoke! What a fun night was had!

Elsie Lange

Junior Bridesmaid

Scott and Kristyn cannot believe how much Elsie has turned into a lady before their very eyes. Eleven years ago, Elsie made Scott an uncle and a godfather. Elsie is a smart, thoughtful and amazing young woman, which is why they want to have Elsie as a Junior Bridesmaid on their big day. Kristyn cannot wait to have Elsie help her get ready for the wedding. Scott and Kristyn are so happy to have Elsie walk down the aisle with them on their wedding day!

Ava Lange

Flower Girl

Scott and Kristyn feel that Ava is the perfect choice for flower girl on their wedding day! Ava, Scott’s niece, is the sassiest, most charming little five-year-old you will ever meet. If you have ever come to one of Scott and Kristyn’s parties you have for sure met this little life of the party! Kristyn and Scott cannot wait to see Ava strut her stuff down the aisle on their big day!

Kip Salenbien

Ring Bearer

Kristyn and Scott cannot wait to have Kip Salenbien as their ring bearer! Kip is Scott’s Godson and he will not let you forget it. Any time Kip thinks his Uncle Scott is nearby you hear him shout “Godfather!” and goes looking for his uncle. Kip is the sweetest and silliest five-year-old you will ever meet! He is truly the perfect ring bearer for the big day.

Andy Novotny


Kristyn and Scott are so thrilled that “Andrew Thomas Novotny, but most people call him Andy” will be doing the honor of marrying them on their big day. Andy is one of Kristyn’s cousins who she grew up alongside building Legos and scootering with. Currently, Andy lives in Santa Clara, California where he is an electrical engineer for Xilinx, Inc. In his free time, Andy loves hiking and flying his airplane. Scott and Kristyn are delighted to have them marry them on their wedding day!