Colleen & Scott


Scott Camara


Colleen Hannigan

November 4, 2023

Half Moon Bay, CA


We are overjoyed to celebrate with all of our people. Thank you for traveling and taking the time to watch us say “I do”. See you all soon!

Our Story

Once upon a time, in middle school, two young students met and became fast friends. They enjoyed each other's company and bonded over shared interests, but little did they know, their friendship would evolve into something more. As they entered high school, they remained good friends through freshman and sophomore year. However, it wasn't until junior year, when they were set up by mutual friends, that they began to see each other in a new light. Scott worked up all the courage he could muster and asked Colleen out on a date. And so their love affair began. The two attended dances together, enjoyed hiking, and had countless dollar-scoop ice cream dates. All seemed to be according to plan until after graduation when their high school sweetheart love story came to a halt as the couple decided to part ways for college. 1,000 miles apart, they remained in touch throughout the year, never forgetting their love for each other. By sophomore year, they reunited and decided to give their relationship another chance, despite the distance. They spent the next four years doing long distance, flying back and forth to see each other whenever they could. The distance was hard, but they persevered, knowing that they were meant to be together. Finally, the day came when they were able to move in together in Santa Monica, California. They were thrilled to finally be living in the same city, and they enjoyed building a life together. Their careers eventually took them to the Bay Area where they made a new addition to their family: a cute little puppy named Harvey. They continued to grow together, and on a beautiful day at the beach near Half Moon Bay, Scott got down on one knee and asked Colleen to be his wife. She said yes, and they knew that the rest of their lives was just beginning. Together, they had overcome distance, challenges, and the ups and downs of life, but they always knew that they were meant to be together. And so, they look forward to their future, with excitement, hope, and an unwavering love for each other.

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