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Brett Schisler


Ashley Kleinsorge

November 9, 2024

Chileno Bay | Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
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How we met

Ashley, living in Flower Mound, TX at the time, was on a work trip with her father in Newport Beach, CA. While she was out to dinner with her mom, her father found himself at Mutt Lynch's, his local favorite spot, for a slice of pizza and a beer. He met Brett and his friend, Ryan – two locals. They struck up a conversation and in an unexpected twist, Ashley's dad, sensing something special, texted her: "Met a guy you should meet." When Ashley and Brett met, there was an immediate and comfortable connection. Brett, usually not one for bold statements, surprised Ashley by saying, "You are going to move here, and then I am going to marry you" on the first night. She apparently liked the sound of that. After spending an unforgettable week together, filled with dates every single night (First date was at Golden Road Brewery), Ashley and Brett unfortunately had to say goodbye, unsure of when they would see each other again. However, just two weeks later…Brett found himself invited to a charity event in Texas, only 20 minutes from Ashley's hometown. It was an unexpected opportunity, allowing them to be together much sooner than anticipated. Their long-distance romance had them flying across states, from Texas to California, AT LEAST once a month. After navigating the highs and lows of a long-distance relationship, Ashley made the leap of faith – moving to Southern California to be with Brett. It was a decision that turned Brett's bold prediction he made on the first night into a sweet reality. Fast forward to their three-year anniversary. Brett got down on one knee and asked Ashley to be his forever. Ashley and Brett's story isn't about grand fairytales; it's about real moments, genuine feelings, and the surprising ways life can bring people together. It's a reminder that sometimes, the most extraordinary things happen in the most ordinary of circumstances.

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