We can't say I do without you!


Caroline Kavanagh Lambert


Kyle Robert Scheetz




April 27


Our Story

Our story begins in 2008, where we met as tweens, playing and flirting with each other at a tailgate for the lacrosse Final Four in Baltimore. We like to say that the rest is history, which is well, kind of true. While we shared our first dance, first kiss, and first “I love you’s”, there was a windy road that finally led to us being inseparable. After dating throughout middle and early high school, Caroline went off to Denver and then Los Angeles with Kyle heading to Philadelphia followed by New York City. Despite distance and growing up, our connection remained and each time we saw one another that first love flame was rekindled. A common theme in our relationship has always been that whatever doesn’t break your relationship only makes it stronger. The true make or break moment came in March 2020 during lockdown when we were living on opposite sides of the country and were forced to make a decision on whether to commit to each other. Without ever having lived together, we both fled our respective cities and hunkered down together in Naples. And the rest was history (really!), hence the return to Naples, which will always have a special place in our life together. Despite twists and turns and the growing pains of growing up together, we have always managed to find a way back to each other. Our relationship is proof that if it’s meant to be and if you care enough about someone, you’ll find your way back.

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