Scharikgan & Patience


A BIG Smalls Wedding


Patience Pollard


Scharikgan Smalls


Playa Bonita Village

Provincia de Panamá

July 2


How we met

September 15th 2022

It was 7am and we both had nothing better to do but scroll thru Facebook Dating! Like any other person, we never would've imagined to find love there. We were simply looking for good company. After 2 days, Patience thought she was being ghosted because of an android glitch. The understanding Scharikgan showed as an iPhone user allowed them to reset & set up the 1st date! September 17, 2022, we had our 1st date. Needless to say it was a night to remember! In less then 30days, we knew we were ment to be there for one another till the end of time.

The Purposal

True 2 Blue 10/31/22

Patience would've never expected a purposal like this...! All she knew was Tia Melba was to pick her up and whisk her away! Unknowingly, she was taken to Irie Ting Jamaican Restaurant. The perfect place for a private surprise! The restaurant was set up with 12 Royal blue balloons with 12 reasons why she loves Patience attached & centered with 12 Royal Blue Flowers. Close family & friends were secretly waiting for Patience arrival. Per Scharikgan request everyone had to wear blue. As she walked in, Tu Tu a song by Camilo and Pedro Capó played in the background. Scharikgan walks to her & they began to slow dance. Immediately, after the song stops Scharikgan gets down on one knee and purposes. To no surprise Patience said "Yes!"

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