Jennifer & Jack


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Jennifer Featherston


Jack Scari



September 23


How We Met


Jack & I met at Field House in Philadelphia on NYE 2017! My two girlfriends had been seeing two of Jack's friends at the time so our two groups of friends decided to both buy tickets for the NYE party at the bar. It was absolutely freezing that night and even after getting into bar I was shivering prefusely so I asked my friend to borrow her coat until I warmed up. After some time, I warmed up and went to return her coat. At the time, my friend was chatting with 3 or 4 people and as I go to hand the coat back, I hear a guy opposite my friend say loudly "Who are you??". I turned to him laughing because of the tone of voice in which he asked and introduced myself and as they say, the rest is history.

How He Proposed

On March 5th, 2022 , We had plans to go to dinner with our friend Melissa Picolli at Charlie's of Bayhead (one of our favorite spots)...or so i thought! We were getting ready to head to Melissa's Aunt's house in Bayhead for a pre-dinner drink but needed to stop to grab some wine first. After picking up the wine it was about 4:30 so we had down time before we were supposed to meet Melissa. Jack had been talking about this surf competition all week that was supposedly happening that day and asked me if we could go check it out quickly before. I said sure but was definitely skeptical that it would still be going on LOL When we got to the Manasquan inlet, it was clear that nothing was going on but it was such a beautiful night and we were insuch a good mood that Jack was like lets just take a walk on the beach anyways (something we did often). SO we get on the beach and take about 4 steps and Jack stops and says okay idk how much longer i can walk...I was like hellooo this was your idea! Then he turns me around and says "Well nows as good a time as any and gets on one knee!" I was so shocked and confused that i don't remember what was said but all i know is that I said yes and that was the start to this next chapter of life for us!

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