Savannah & Tyler








September 30, 2023

Paige, TX

How we met

Tyler and I met at work. I would make plumbing fabs in the shop and he would pick them up and take them to the job site to be installed. Some days he wouldn't have anything to deliver so he would be my apprentice for the day. I would explain to him what I was doing and give him step by step instructions of why you put things together a certain way. In the mornings before he was to load up the trailer and get things ready to be sent out, we would chat and talk about the workouts we did rather that morning or the previous evening. We would talk about life and what we wanted to accomplish and do. One day Tyler had asked for my phone number because he was planning on quitting and following his passion, but he didn't want to leave the company without getting my phone number. I had a feeling in my gut something big was happening, I just didn't know what that could be. About three months later we were dating and about three years later we are now engaged and happy to see what the rest life is going to bring us.

Our Life Together so Far

We love to walk around downtown Austin together, we are always looking for new trails to hike, new restaurants to try, and things to do. We love to plan vacations we want to take and things we would like to do together. Our first vacation we took together was to Arkansas, Buffalo River area. Thats where I truly introduced Tyler to the greatness hiking, and he fell in love. His favorite hike we did was Hemmed in Hollow, which is a very intense 10-mile hike, not a lot of people do that hike, so it was just Tyler and I the entire way out there in the beauty of nature. Our next Vacation was to the Dominican Republic, Cabarete area. We stayed at a surf camp for seven days, surfed every morning, walked the town and found this amazing gelato place that we went to practically every night. We also discovered canyoneering, which was not what I thought it was and we ended up jumping off of a 15-foot waterfall and scaling down the rest since I couldn't jump anymore. The only way to get back out was to practically boulder a big portion of it and then go on an amazing hill country hike through someone's farmland. We have many more vacations, and memories ahead of us and I can't wait to see what we do next.

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