Savannah & Stephen



Savannah Moody


Stephen Sears

September 14, 2024

Stanardsville, VA
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How We Met


We had shared multiple Criminal Justice classes in college but never spoke to one another. One semester, as attendance was being passed around, Stephen sat in front of Savannah. Not being entirely familiar with one another, Savannah attempted to get ‘Stephen’s attention, but unfortunately called out “Spencer” instead. Repeatedly. Stephen eventually turned around, and corrected with “its Stephen.” Once locking eyes, Savannah buried her face apologetically, while Stephen gave a second glance. That was the beginning. That very same day, while Savannah was at a bowling alley with her friends, Stephen just so happened to walk in with his group of friends. With lanes side by side, this is how they continued their friendship. Glued side by side. School hours turned into night life hours which eventually turned into date hours; Stephen finally asked Savannah to be his girlfriend on November 30th, 2019 at Carters Mountain.

The Proposal


Itching to get away, explore, and spend some quality time with one another; Savannah and Stephen planned a week trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. Curious on upcoming events they realized Mardi Gras was right around the corner. When the vacation was booked, bags were packed, and car was filled with gas, they began their 14 hour long road trip. All they talked about that whole way there was the amazing food, rich history, and fun they would have with one another. Not too long after arriving Savannah and Stephen got dressed up to hit Bourbon St. and experience what Mardi Gras was all about. Stephen was dressed in a Purple Mardi Gras shirt, jeans, boots, and beads while Savannah was set on looking the part of Mardi Gras. Savannah spent a few hours on her attire: a flashy purple cowboy hat accompanied with a purple tiara, gold blouse, and green pants. Savannah’s makeup was a whole other ordeal. She glued on sparkly false lashes with gold eyeshadow to match. She was excited to show Stephen what she spent so long working on. Announcing, “Immmmm readddyyyy” as she walked thru the corridor of their Airbnb. Searching for Stephen, she turned the corner and there he was. On one knee. Chocking on his own words, tears began to form in both of their eyes. Stephen asked Savannah to marry him, and without a second thought, she dropped to her knees and held him saying “yes”. Without any further ado, they set off to Bourbon Street smiling from ear to ear newly engaged on March 1st, 2022.

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