Sarah Anne & Grant


Grant Lee Johnson


Sarah Anne Yirka

June 8, 2024

Fleming Island, FL
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Our Story

Note to self: when you say something your whole life like, "I'll never marry a man in the military"/ (in 3rd grade) say "I'd never like you Grant Johnson," the Lord might do what you least expect

Grant and I first met each other when we were two and four at church. As we grew up, we hung out with our families and did not really like each other (more of a brother-sister relationship). Then I had a crush on Grant in elementary school, but it did not last long because Grant decided to call me out, which naturally made my short-term crush vanish quickly. Fast forward to the summer of 2019 when we started leading worship together for our youth group and hanging out in groups. After we realized that we both had a lot in common we began talking and hanging out every chance we could. Then we went to homecoming together (as friends of course) after I said "sure." On June 12, 2020, after being close friends for almost a year Grant told me I was "basically his girlfriend" and I said, "not until you ask me properly," which of course he did (all this while on a ruck march I might add). Then a month later to the day he was off to West Point. And after only a month of "dating" we were writing letters and doing long distance. The four years we have been together has been so fun, exciting, hard, and mainly so worth it! We cannot wait to celebrate the love of the Lord in our lives through the gift of each other with you on our big day!

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