Sarah & Soren


Soren Yeadon


Sarah MacWilliams

September 9, 2023

Weston, CT
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The Story

13 years in the making

Sarah and Soren met on their first day at Northwestern University in 2009 where they were placed in the same “wildcat welcome” PA group. They were in the same dorm, and the same freshman seminar, and Sarah was even assigned Soren for a Secret Santa exchange that winter. The two shared the same friend group for all of college, and Soren even met Sarah’s mom one day when he went to Sarah’s room to ask for tin foil one time. Soren made Sarah laugh one night at a Phi Delt party… and Sarah told her best friend Nancy that she thought they might hookup someday. Soren had no idea Sarah was interested… and somehow… all of college went by and it still hadn’t happened. Fast forward several years, and they were both attending a few of the same weddings within that friend group. The first one Soren attended, Sarah missed - because she lived in Connecticut and couldn’t get time off from her job. The next one they both went to, but Soren missed a chance to talk to her at the afterparty. Sarah showed her mom pictures from that wedding, and her mom pointed him out because she remembered meeting him that one time with the tin foil! The third wedding, Sarah made it to, but much to Sarah’s dismay… Soren couldn’t attend. After all these missed opportunities, Sarah wondered if it would ever happen. Finally, with the intervention of a few friends…. In 2019 a group trip was planned to go to Nashville, and both Soren and Sarah RSVP’d yes within minutes of each other. A lot of anticipation, and quite a few bartaco margaritas & pickleback shots later… the two danced the night away at ‘the Flamingo’ until the place closed, and spent the rest of the weekend falling for each other. After Soren went home to Chicago and Sarah went back to Connecticut, they started texting back and forth for hours every day. Sarah drove to see Soren in Chicago that summer, and he drove to see her at her family’s house in Michigan. Having quit her job in Connecticut, Sarah had been thinking of moving to Chicago to start the next chapter of her life closer to all of her friends… but Soren was making that decision a lot easier. By the start of 2020, Sarah was spending more time at Soren’s apartment than she spent at home. After Valentine’s Day, she went back to Connecticut to pack up and move on March 17th. The day that the Covid shutdown began. The two decided to quarantine together… and long story short, sarah never opened any of the moving boxes at her new apartment. That summer, the two found a 2 bedroom apartment downtown, and the rest is history!