Logan Stack


Sarah Chinander

November 3, 2023

Prescott, AZ

How We Met


Logan and Sarah originally met their freshman year of high school. One day at lunch, Sarah was messily eating some chili cheese fries when she glances over and sees Logan watching her. He jokingly says “you eat disgusting, I like that!” They didn’t see much of each other throughout highschool, but they always had a connection when they did see each other. They shared a lot of interests, same music taste, same goals, and the same sense of humor. Of course, Logan would always flirt with Sarah in class so that may have gotten him some extra points! Logan was truly a genuine guy and Sarah always admired that about him. Fast forward to 2016, a year after graduating, at none other than PBR (a professional bull riders event) Sarah and Logan crossed paths again. You know, small town things. Logan mentioned “hanging out sometime” and Sarah had a strong feeling this was it! A week after the encounter, Sarah hadn’t heard from Logan, she figured he was maybe too chicken to reach out. She did something she’d NEVER do and messaged him first through Facebook! The messages read: “Hey Logan! Are we going to hangout or what?” Logan replied “This Friday, do you have plans?” “Not at all!” Sarah said. “Well, now you’ve got plans!” Logan exclaimed. Their first date was a romantic lookout over Prescott, with a large spread of Panda Express! Logan didn’t know what Sarah liked, so he just ordered one of everything. That was the start of their relationship, and here they are now!

The Proposal


SIX YEARS LATER. Some dogs, a baby, a house, and a whole lot of memories and milestones later. The long awaited proposal happened! A day that family and friends thought would never come. While vacationing in Colorado, they took a gondola ride up to the top of a mountain in Telluride where you can see the breathtaking beauty of the whole town. It had been a few days into the trip, so Sarah didn’t think it was going to happen on this trip and she’d just continue on as Logan’s girlfriend and baby momma…*sigh*. But while taking pictures, she turns around to see Logan on one knee! It was a beautiful moment surrounded by family. Emberly still talks about it to this day, which is such a blessing to have her apart of it! We couldn’t imagine it any other way!

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