Sarah & Ken

Sarah Sedlack


Ken Kruis


New Jersey

July 7

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Our Story

In November 2017, Ken moved into his friend’s house in Oakland, New Jersey. It just so happened that one of Sarah's friends also lived in that same house. Soon after Ken moved in, Sarah was over and sitting in the living room chatting when she saw Ken for the first time. She was instantly intrigued by him and asked her friend all kinds of questions about his new cute roommate. Ken had a slightly different reaction to their initial meeting. He heard Sarah before he saw her and could not believe the loud sailor-mouth screaming in his living room was this short blonde bubbly girl. A few weeks later, on New Year's Eve, Ken and Sarah both went to a party at W's Bar and Grill and ended up hitting it off. After talking for a few weeks, Ken asked Sarah her favorite food (OBVIOUSLY gnocchi in a vodka sauce). He admitted he had never tried gnocchi before, which SHOOK Sarah to her core. They went on their first official date on February 15, 2018, to Aldo's in Wyckoff, where they bonded over their mutual love of good food and whiskey (and Ken finally tried gnocchi and completely understood the hype). One month later, on St. Patrick's Day, before meeting up with their friends to go out, Ken pulled Sarah aside and asked her to be his girlfriend. The two have been inseparable ever since!

The Proposal

In June 2022, Sarah had an inkling that Ken would be proposing on their vacation with Ken's family to the Outer Banks at the end of the month. She was so sure that she purchased 20 white dresses for the trip, thinking she would look "surprised," yet bridal. Two weeks before their trip, on Saturday, June 11, 2022, Sarah got her nails done, opting to pick a bright Hermes-esque orange that some of her friends described as "a choice." Ken came home from work and seemed really jittery and excited. After being home for less than five minutes, Ken tapped Sarah on her shoulder, dropped to one knee on the floor of the kitchen, and said, "Sarah I was going to do this on vacation, but I can't wait any longer! I love you so much and I'm sorry your nails are orange, but will you marry me?" Sarah was so happy and genuinely completely surprised! She immediately said yes and jumped into Ken’s arms!