Sarah & Javier


Javier Lagunes


Sarah Kraus

October 7, 2023

Monticello, IA

Our Story

August 2018, a Birthday party for a one year old. We were introduced to each other by Carlos, Javier's Best Man. I don't remember any actual words being exchanged between us. Just glances at each other. A man of few words Javier is. At this time any way. Nothing happened after this party. That was it. Through the next several years, we would always cross each other's path. Our sons are the same age, so they were in many activities together, therefore Javier and I were at those activities. Javier watched Gabriel grow and I watched Zoe and Antonio grow. We were already connected but not completely. Whether it was at these activities or the fair or the grocery store, we always came across each other. This is how it went until July 31, 2022. Finally, on July 31, 2022 we had our first date. Nothing fancy, just us and food. That's all it took. We clicked. Everything came together at the right time. This is when we were supposed to happen. God knew exactly when he wanted us to come together. He's a good planner like that. In November he moved into my home, making it Our home. Zoe and Antonio filled my empty bedrooms. I never really had an answer for anyone that asked me why I bought such a big house until these three moved in. It is now a full house. In January, we made the decision to get married. There was no romantic proposal or anything, it wasn't necessary for either of us. We both knew that we are where we are supposed to be. So, here we are now. Save the dates sent out, picking out a cake flavor, finding a dress, planning a wedding in October. We came together when it was right and October 7th will be the right time for us to become Mr. and Mrs. Lagunes. We can't wait to share this huge moment for us with all of you.

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