Sarah & Anthony



Anthony Grieco


Sarah Tiufekchiev

April 13, 2024

Silver Spring, MD
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How we met

Both of us attended CUA beginning in the Fall of 2018. Both being in STEM, we happened to be in the very same orientation group sitting just two chairs away. While Anthony swears he remembers us meeting the very first day, I unfortunately have NO recollection of him being there. In fact, to this day Anthony is still in my phone twice because I didn't remember getting his phone number the first time! Luckily we happened to become friends organically anyway, and I think we are both very happy he gave me his number a second time.

How did Anthony Propose

Like most things we do together, the proposal did not go as planned. Anthony had an amazing plan involving flowers, pictures, and a lovely dinner. He had our family and friends pray a novena and write me letters to be given to me on the big day. After going to mass and getting burgers at our favorite local basement pub though, he threw the plan out and proposed to me in his apartment on a Monday night, January 23, 2023. It was better than anything he could've planned, and I was glad nobody caught my intense crying on camera. And don't worry, I still got the flowers and the letters !