Seth & Sara

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Seth Yoder


Sara Eby

September 30, 2023

459 queen road, Gordonville, Pa, 17529
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Seth and I met at Joni and Friends Week 3 2021. Nothing really transpired from that week other than a friendship. We really had no contact over the next several months, until April 4th, 2022, when I slid into Seth's Instagram direct messages. Over the next month, we took the time to really dive into each other's lives and get to know each other before we started dating. On the 9th of May, we went on a Chick-fil-a, kayaking, walk-taking, babysitting, worshiping, and dancing first date. For the next month, Seth and I continued going on simple dates and getting to know each other in person before I left for Thailand. The month of June and July was full of long distance. Lots of FaceTime calls and midnight conversations. We were reunited at the end of July and served at Joni and Friends on week 3, 2022 as a couple! During the remaining period of our dating life, we filled our time with serving, hiking, adventures, and movie nights! September 2022 was the start of another long-distance time period. I moved to Spruce Lake up in the Poconos for 2 months furthering my education in camp ministry, while Seth worked full time from home. Seth on November 19th secretly asked Mr. and Mrs. Eby's permission to take me as his wife. After finally moving home at the end of November, Seth went down on one knee ensuring I would never leave again. The rest was history,