Sara & Daniel



Daniel Miles


Sara Little

December 30, 2023

Groveland, FL
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How We Met

May 9th 2020

We met freshman year of high school. Although we weren’t super close back then, we always smiled and waved when we saw each other. We had a few mutual friends who kept us in touch here and there. We reconnected at a house party a few years ago and have been smitten ever since. Not long after that it was pretty clear for the both of us that this was it. We have found our “grow old together “ person.

The Proposal

Aug 13 2023

I had the ring for a few months, waiting for a good moment to ask Sara to marry me. My brother, Jimmie, and his son, Avery, were in town and we decided to go to the beach that evening. I knew that was the day. I went and got some flowers and asked my family to get there a few minutes before us so they could set up a little area. We pulled up to the beach, got our stuff, and walked down the boardwalk. Sara saw the rest of the family down by the water and started walking towards them. I asked if we could walk to the right a little bit and if she could put the stuff down. That’s when the nerves hit me and she asked why my hand was so sweaty. She finally saw the blanket and flowers and figured out what was going on. I was so excited to ask Sara to spend the rest of her life with me.

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