Our Wedding


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Adriana Santos


Joshua Gutierrez



July 15


Our Story

They met at a bar....

Adriana: When I first met Josh, I was drawn to his big smile and kind eyes. Admittedly though, I didn't notice them right away. He offered to buy me a drink but I declined. This was in my new-found independent woman-era and I prioritized hanging out with my friends while enjoying cheap drinks. It was post-college, so give me a break! After a not-so-gentle nudge from a friend to go talk to "the cute guy", I found him waiting in line at the bar so I offered to wait with him. To our benefit, the line was long and the service was awful so we chit-chatted a bit, which led to talking, which led to cracking jokes. Eventually we didn't mind being in a long line anymore. He was shy at first, but so sweet, genuine and funny! He had me laughing all night. To this day, no one makes me laugh as hard or smile as big as he does. He is my best friend and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him. Josh: When I first met Adriana, I was drawn to her confidence and beautiful smile. Adri knows how to carry a conversation, which was perfect for me since I'm known to be more on the quiet side. Even though she had a lot to say at first, she made sure to listen even when I mumbled through my jokes. Although I don’t typically say much when first meeting someone, that night with Adriana, I never wanted the conversation to end. Before I knew it, it was last call. We left the bar, but continued talking into the early morning about life, shared interests, and my favorite video game. What else would we be doing at 3 am on a Thursday night, right? I love nothing more than spending my nights with Adriana and our dog, Mocha. Just like that very first night, I never want it to end. Which is why I look forward to spending my life with the woman I'm lucky enough to call my best friend. Welcome to our wedding website: Please RSVP by June 1st to confirm your attendance and to order your dinner entrée for the reception. You can even leave a song request if you'd like. We are so excited!