Derek & Morgan

We're Getting Married!

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Derek Sansbury


Morgan McKinney




April 16


How We Met


We met at an event for transfer students at NAU in January 2017. After glancing at each other the whole time, we finally exchanged numbers and went on our first date a few days later. We went to a Starbucks and talked for over four hours while a big snowstorm raged outside. We found out that we both were talking to our parents after that date saying that it just felt different than any other first date we had had! After many more dates we made it official on Valentine's Day and that's when we knew this could really be something special.

The Proposal


On Mother's Day we went to brunch with Derek's family. It was great and Elaine mentioned a Christmas photoshoot that they were doing later that day. She said that Derek and I could take some pictures at the end. I was excited but also shocked that Derek hadn't mentioned it to me sooner. After getting ready and Derek stalling for time, while unbeknownst to me the whole Sansbury fam was getting everything ready, we finally left the house and drove over. We were about two minutes away when I got a text, "Where are you? Are you almost here??" I was so stressed about not being late I didn't even notice the whole set up at a gorgeous lake until we were walking over! We walked out onto a dock and Derek got down on one knee. It was the most romantic and wonderful moment of my life.