October 16, 2021
Phoenix, AZ

Sandeep & Sarah


Floral ArrangementFloral ArrangementFloral ArrangementFloral Arrangement

Sarah Swinford


Sandeep Lama



October 16


How we met

Muay Thai and the Ostrich Festival

Sandeep and I met through our mutual friends at Chandler MMA. I was working in Tucson, AZ at the time and I was in town for the weekend to attend Rod Victory's seminar at Chandler MMA. It just so happened that Sandeep was also in attendance! But it wasn't until after the seminar that we would come to know each other. I said my good byes and shortly after I received a message from Rene inviting me to go to the Ostrich festival with him and some friends from the gym. I thought this was quite peculiar because even though I have known Rene since I was 9 years old, I was never really invited to hangout outside of the gym. Something was up! Low and behold, Sandeep was also invited to the festival and it didn't take long for Rene to ask me, "What do you think about my boy, Sandeep?". My suspicions were confirmed, it was a set up! As the evening progressed, we talked more with each other and long story short here we are getting married 3.5 years later. :) It is safe to say that I am glad that I decided to take a chance and go to the festival that evening.

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