We’re Getting Married!



Kayla Sanchez


Martin Engesvik

October 20, 2023

Peoria, AZ
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Our Chapter One

How It All Started- August 2016

It all started when both their families decided to make a trip to Bloomington, Indiana for church meetings. There were so many people they didn't cross paths until the very last day. It was on a Sunday, after service the young people were all sitting outside for lunch. As Kayla went to find her seat the only open seat was directly across from Martin. As they began talking, Martin felt an instant connection, and Kayla just became more and more beautiful to him as the conversation flowed. Kayla was oblivious to this, and had no idea Martin was feeling this way. As the fellowship was coming to an end, Martin thought to himself he could not let the opportunity pass to get her contact information. He took the opportunity and they were then able to stay in touch all the way from Arizona to Norway. They are very thankful to God, He allowed them to cross paths and begin their journey of love. In this beginning of their love story, they also began to realize the great love of God in their lives, and started longing for a closer walk with Jesus. This is what brought them to this beautiful moment which they can not wait to share with you, as God unites them as one.

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