Raegan & Sam


Sam Richard


Raegan Rodman

December 29, 2023

Orlando, FL
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How we met

His Version

It was a cold summer day in the middle of August because it rains a lot in Florida. We had just gotten back from a leadership camp for the program we were both in. My roommate told me he was going to this acapella show put on by the university and that some of our fellow program members from the floor down were going as well. We then met up with three girls prior to walking into the show and I thought one of them was a real head turner (Raegan). It was raining outside when we got out of the show and our dorms were on the other side of campus so we all decided to make a run for it and we were both laughing at how stupid we looked. After that I eventually noticed her at church and decided to approach her about it and we ended up driving together every Sunday after that. It wasn't before long I realized I was crushing hard. Soon church carpools turned into eating breakfast together in our crappy dining hall, but with Raegan there it made the food worth it. Later I wanted to ask Raegan out to our leadership program's spring formal so I went downstairs to her dorm and knocked on the door holding her favorite flowers, but to my dismay her roommate answered and said that she was gone for the weekend. Her roommate proceeded to give me a large plastic cup so I could keep the flowers alive until Raegan returned. A few days after attending the formal together she asked me out for food and I immediately said yes and a few days after that I asked her if she wanted to be my girlfriend. Obviously she said yes. To this day Raegan rolls her eyes at the fact that I waited 6 months to ask her out, but I respond the same way every time: I was just playing hard to get, but in reality I was waiting for the right moment.

How We Met

Her Version

Sam and I met during our freshman year of college. We were in the same leadership program which resulted in us living in the same dorm building. The first Sunday after college started I went to Mass and saw Sam there and was so happy to see a familiar face at church. After that he and I would go to Mass together every week. Spring semester came around and I was crushing on Sam hard. We went on a Spring Retreat together as scared college freshmen who have not been on a college church retreat and needed a friend to go with. We ended up talking to each other the entire weekend. The end of the semester was around the corner which meant organization formals. I had been hinting at Sam trying to figure out if he had a date or not for a few weeks. His response was always “it's a surprise.” I thought “obviously it's not me then.” Four days before the dance Sam finally has the courage to ask me to be his date. Of course I said yes. The formal was one of our most awkward nights in the history of our relationship for neither of us knew how the other felt. Sam walked me back to my dorm after a post formal showing of John Wick 2 (oh the things one does cause they like a boy). We both confessed feelings for each other and agreed we should do something like this again. I told him not to wait too long to ask me out and then we said our goodbyes. A few days passed and nothing so I, who got tired of waiting, finally worked up the courage to ask him out, luckily he said yes. We went on our first official date and a few weeks later we decided to be in a relationship, and the rest is history.