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October 19, 2024

Brooklyn, NY
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A Tale of Two Enchiladas

March 2018

Sam climbed up the stoop to his Crown Heights apartment. As he neared the front door, he noticed the curtain which normally blocks the view into his neighbor's apartment had fallen. He peered into the apartment and waved to his neighbor, Erin, who returned the gesture. Walking into his own apartment to drop off his things, he sent a one-word text to Erin: "Beer?" Unfortunately, she was busy that evening hosting a dinner party, but told Sam he was welcome to join. He emphatically responded "Yes!" and offered to pick up some chips and guacamole to complement the vegetarian enchiladas Erin was making. As he left for the grocery store, he passed the dinner party guests as they made their way up the stoop. He greeted them quickly in passing, but not before noticing a pretty brunette (insert Emily). Sam arrived to the dinner party and introduced himself to the group. He was immediately drawn to Emily. She seemed so comfortable among her friends, quick with a joke while also listening intently to what the others had to say. Her laugh was warm and genuine and her hazel eyes sparkled in the apartment's florescent lighting. Emily remembers feeling an instant interest in Sam after he recognized the song she added to the queue ("Computer Love" by Kraftwerk). He was sarcastic, self-assured and fit right in with a room full of women (important). As the five of them ate, conversation flowed as easily as the Modelo. Most of the party began to slow their eating, having filled up on chips and enchiladas. Sam was quick to get seconds, as he often did. He returned to his seat and noticed Emily had gotten up as well to refill her plate. She was the only other person to do so. He was smitten. The following day, Sam texted Erin, asking if Emily was single. Emily was, and had texted Erin asking the same question about Sam. Upon receiving Emily's number, Sam promptly FaceTimed her on accident. The rest is history.

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