Sam & Aj

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November 10th, 2023

Aj Hernandez


Sam Carboni

November 10, 2023

South Lake Tahoe, CA
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Our Story

From living in a van to traveling the world to living through a pandemic, we were always together.

Once upon a time, in a world where swiping right or left could change the course of your life, two wandering souls found each other. We had crossed paths five long years prior to matching on Tinder, but only now would we truly connect. In our first year, the passions of youth drove us to seek thrills through days spent at the lake and nights lost in the embrace of laughter and companionship. Our love story flourished amid camping trips and the embrace of nature, every moment becoming new, vibrant memories. We knew, deep down, that we were destined to experience every corner of life side by side. We decided to leave the comforts of home behind to embark on a road trip to the last frontier: Alaska. We made a home out of a van, got jobs and took off. For seven months, Alaska became our home. We met amazing people who became good friends and made unforgettable memories that have become very important parts of our story. We left Alaska, driving the Alaskan Highway to reunite with our families and friends before moving to South Lake Tahoe. We worked at Kirkwood and started a new chapter. We learned how to snowboard, moved into a motel, and our van became our travel home. We traveled to the mesmerizing realms of New Zealand and Australia, experiencing some of the most amazing things we may never get the chance to do again. From cascading mountains and crystal-clear shores in New Zealand to the Sydney Opera House in Australia, it was a very unique time. After coming back home, we worked a couple more months before the pandemic hit and we lost our jobs. This was one of the most challenging times in our lives, since there was so much uncertainty in the world. We felt lucky to have a best friend in each other, and our relationship grew stronger after many trials and tribulations. Years have passed - each one adorned with laughter, tears, and moments we will never forget. Through it all, we created an unshakable bond, choosing - day after day - to love and nurture our connection. And so, in October 2021, we made a promise to walk the path of life together and got engaged. A new miracle blossomed in April 2022. We found out we were pregnant with our baby girl, Primrose, and another new chapter began. She was born in December 2022, and we feel so lucky and excited to be her parents. In this whirlwind love story, we not only found one another but created a family. We are so excited to finally get married and to share our special day with our loved ones. This isn't just a new chapter, its a whole new book and we can't wait to start writing it.

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