Taylor & Beau


Taylor Wenzel


Beau Salazar


May 18, 2024

Anaheim, CA
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Our Story

First comes college, then comes marriage

Taylor and Beau were both Kinesiology majors at Arizona State University. They had several classes together over multiple semesters and so were familiar with each other. Eventually, they began sitting next to each other. Taylor, the studious (and on time) one would save a seat for Beau and graciously let him copy her notes. On the last day of class in May 2016, Beau was not in attendance and so emailed Taylor to sign him in. Class had ended early that day, so Taylor had already left. She offered to get together to study for finals and so they exchanged numbers. After finals, Taylor remembered she still had Beau's number and so used the best pick up line she knew by texting Beau "help" and asked him to pick her up from Mill Ave. Luckily for Taylor, Beau obliged and not only dropped her off safely at home, but picked her up the next day to bring her to her car at a friends house. Taylor repayed the favor by buying Beau a coffee from Starbucks, subsequently making fun of him for ordering a frappicino. For some reason, Beau continued to hang out with Taylor that summer until he officially asked her to be his girlfriend in October 2016 at the Taco Festival. Fast forward almost 6 years later in June of 2022, Beau & Taylor had a planned "friends" trip to Tulum, Mexico with their best friends Arlene and Craig. Little did Taylor know this trip would double as a surprise engagement. The day of the engagement started off swimmingly as the group spent the morning exploring beautiful Cenotes. Upon returning to the Airbnb, they noticed the water and power were shut off. Taylor was naive to the fact that an engagement was in the works for later that evening, and so was not concerned about the lack of utilities. They group headed up to the pool to drink Champagne and enjoy the views. Beau eventually had to start getting ready to head down to the engagement sight, and so had to do a "sink shower" since the water was still shut off. The girls began to get ready and Taylor decided to go with her natural (curly) hair since the power was STILL shut off. She figured it matched the vibe of Tulum better anyhow. Luckily, it was still daylight out so the girls were able to do their makeup. Beau eventually told Taylor he had to head to the restaurant early to get a table as they did not accept reservations. Taylor bought this as a legitimate excuse. Taylor, Craig, and Arlene headed to the restaurant about 30 minutes later to meet Beau. Upon arriving, Craig immediately jumped out of the car and disappeared. Taylor thought this was due to Craig needing to use the restroom (sorry Craig), but later discovered it was because he went to a hiding spot to record the engagement on his iPhone. Taylor noticed the restaurant was completely empty and wondered why Beau was in such a hurry to get to the restaurant so early. Arlene led Taylor down to the beach where eventually she saw Beau standing in the sand with a camera man behind him. Her initial thought was that he found someone to take headshots for him, cool! Eventually Arlene offered to take Taylor's heels and rings off her left hand. When Taylor saw the expression on Arlene's face (think Kim K lost her diamond ring) she finally realized what was happening. The group celebrated that evening with pizza and one too many tequila shots.