Patrick & Ryan


NYC Skyline






August 19, 2023

New York, NY

How we met

An introduction turned running obsession turned "I do"

Ryan and Patrick initially met back in 2008 through an introduction from Patrick's cousin Gavin who was working with Ryan at New York Magazine. Fast forward about five or six years to Ryan’s Greenpoint loft where an infamous pizza party took place. After several pizzas that Ryan cooked and several more glasses of red wine were consumed, Patrick and Ryan agreed that they would go on a run the next day. To both of their surprise, they did in fact meet up and go on that run which turned into an almost daily occurrence from then on. On these runs they would discuss everything from work to boy troubles and everything in between all the while their friendship grew stronger and stronger. That friendship grew into something more and the pair started dating in 2014. Morning runs would be followed by dinners, movies and parties with friends. They signed up for 5Ks, half-marathons and even ran the NYC Marathon together in 2016. Ryan introduced Patrick to his love of the outdoors where they would go backpacking and fishing together in Upstate New York. Patrick introduced Ryan to his love of scuba diving. They also discovered one another’s love for food and cooking. They would host dinner parties together for friends and family and vacations would be planned around restaurants they wanted to try. They eventually moved into a tiny “one bedroom” apartment in Chelsea and in 2018 they got their dog Lincoln and became dog dads. In 2020, the pandemic took them out of Chelsea and up to Washington Heights where they had a lot more room to live, work and fine tune their hosting skills in their new backyard. Just before Christmas of that year, after celebrating their anniversary with a truly decadent, home cooked meal, Patrick proposed to Ryan in the kitchen, a very fitting place indeed, and he said yes! The rest, as they say, is history. That’s our story! We’re so excited to officially tie the knot this summer and look forward to celebrating this special moment in our lives with our friends and family.