Ryan & Jenna







March 25, 2023

3201 Deths Ford Rd, Darlington, MD 21034
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The Proposal

The proposal was not the fairy tale proposal from a book. I recreated our first date and when we got to the spot of our first kiss I planned to get on one knee and propose, however Jenna began laughing hysterically at a child on a razor scooter claming it was a "One legged woman". A few weeks went by I racked my brain on how to make that perfect moment we went out for pizza to watch the Ravens game. We went to our car and Jenna made a comment about "If I ever ask her". I said "I'll do it right now". As I started to pull the ring out of my pocket she hit my arm thinking I was joking, this flung the ring across the gravel parking lot. I yelled "Get out your phone, mine is dead." She then asked what for. "To find the ring!". I crawled around this stone parking lot in the dark to find the engagement ring and when I found it I said " Well I guess I have to do it now."