Ryan & Jenna's Wedding

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A Fairy Tale Come True


Jenna Starring


Ryan Felton

June 22, 2024

Traverse City, MI
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How We Met


An unconventional meeting for an unconventional couple. We met though mutual online friends in early 2021. After a few months spent talking and getting to know each other, we both realized that something serious was blossoming between us. One fateful day, Jenna made the trip to Michigan to visit her grandfather and told Ryan, "I only have 24-hours. You should come see me." Ryan jumped at the opportunity and made the three hour drive down to Battle Creek, MI. There, we had our very first date and meeting, in-person. After the date and our first kiss, we both knew that all our feelings were more than an online fantasy, they were real.

Love Forged in Fire

Love that lasts a lifetime doesn't come to be overnight. For us, our love was forged in the fire of 900 miles of distance. For the first 10 months of our relationship, we were long-distance. Spending nights on the phone together and catching flights and taking long car rides every two months because we couldn't bare to be apart for more than a few weeks at a time. Each coming together was filled with hugs that we never wanted to end and each separation came with heartache and more tears than we could count. But all the distance truly did was make our love and dedication to each other stronger. And in January 2022, Ryan took a leap of faith and moved to Charlotte, NC to live with Jenna. It was the best decision we ever made.