Grace Kennedy & Ryan Tyler


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Grace Kennedy Jarrett


Ryan Tyler Sullivan



June 22


Our Story

On a sunny North Carolina day in August of 2014, Ryan and Grace arrived at Wake Forest University for their first year of college. As mentees of an eccentric art professor, they were due at the Scales Fine Arts Center for their first day of orientation along with the rest of their orientation group. Perched on a stool in the sunny art classroom, Grace - always diligent and organized - busily recorded pages of notes in her spiral notebook as the professor spoke about class registration. During the first break of the session, Grace shook her cramping hand. “Got enough notes there?” Ryan - who’s notebook lay unopened - asked with a smile. As the orientation week progressed, Ryan and Grace found that they were often the most punctual members of the group - professor included! They would consistently arrive on time at the group’s various meeting spots on campus, and found themselves alone chatting for a few minutes before each session. They learned that they were both from Westchester, NY, in the same First Year Seminar class, and loved playing music. Ryan and Grace began dating sophomore year of college. During college, they built wonderful friend groups, persevered through difficult accounting classes, played music together, and attended countless fraternity and sorority events as a couple. They were lucky enough to study abroad for a semester in Florence, Italy. Throughout their four years in college, they made irreplaceable memories with each other and their friends. After college, Ryan worked in Washington DC for two years in consulting while Grace worked in fashion in New York City. Ryan - eager to join Grace - moved back to New York where the two have lived ever since. Grace made a career change and is now an Occupational Therapist! She is excited to work in a field where she has the opportunity to help others every day. Ryan also made a career switch and became a Software Engineer. He loves the creativity his job offers and the satisfaction of building new things and solving problems. On March 12, 2023, Ryan got down on one knee underneath a canopy of Spanish Moss trees in Hilton Head, South Carolina - and asked for Grace’s hand in marriage. They are thrilled to spend the rest of their lives together and are so grateful to be able to share their special day with their family and friends!

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