Amanda & Ryan


Welcome to our happily ever after!

Ryan Burlison


Amanda McKeon

September 23, 2023

Noblesville, IN

Nothing Short of Fate

I LOVE telling our love story! September 2021 was our 20th high school reunion. I did not really want to go. I was divorced and didn’t want to talk about that. My girlfriends forced me to go for a fun night out. It was a smaller than expected group due to Covid. I saw this bearded, muscular hottie at the bar and in an effort to be friendly, introduced myself to see if we remembered one another from high school. He wasn’t wearing a ring, which was the first thing I checked for. There we were, seemingly the only two single people at this entire reunion. I decided to shoot my shot. We chatted briefly, and I said something that I could tell annoyed him. He wasn’t interested and sort of blew me off. 😂 Oh well; that’s the first—and last time—I put myself out there I decided. In true Amanda-fashion, I spent the night dancing and rapping to old dirty hip-hop. Toward the end of the night, my vast knowledge of every 90s rap lyric must have won him over and he asked me to dance. I was sweaty, my hair was up, and my shoes were off (I didn’t care anymore right?). It was not sexy and I was insanely intimated by him. We exchanged phone numbers, stayed up all night texting and talking every night for the next month straight, and called or saw each other every moment we could. The rest is history as they say. It was that crazy, fun, teenage type of infatuation where we missed each other when we didn’t even really know each other yet. Now I love this man madly and can’t imagine life without him. Fun facts about our love story: -He hated what I was wearing that night and later told me it was not flattering. I’ve since donated that outfit. 😂 -We remember each other, but never really knew each other in high school. We’ve discovered we have been weaving in and out of each other’s lives for the last 25+ years really. -I didn’t graduate from Noblesville. I technically shouldn’t have even been invited that night. He almost didn’t go that night. It was nothing short of fate that brought us together. Now we are a blended family, enjoying a crazy, loud life in Westfield, Indiana!

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