Kennedy & Russell






December 2, 2023

How We Met


We first met in middle school when our teacher made me be his partner and write his notes for him because he broke his wrist. I instantly realized i was in love with him from that moment on, but he needed more time to realize that haha. We went our separate ways when we ended up going to different high schools, but the summer before senior year he messaged me through social media. A week later we met up at the Sonic parking lot (where he worked at the time) and hung out with friends for his 18th birthday. After that we were stuck together like glue and were excited for the adventures ahead.

The Proposal


I had been pestering Russell for awhile to put a ring on it, but he would always say, "maybe in the next 5 years", so I gave up asking and told myself that he would be ready when he was FINALLY ready. A few days before the weekend, Russell told me we were going to take cute pictures on the beach and his family would meet us there (we had done this several times in the past) and to go get my nails done and to find something cute to wear. Fast forward to Saturday, I woke up in a grumpy mood and decided to not get my nails done and to wear a sweatshirt with shorts because it was supposed to rain. Russell asked if I was sure if I wanted to wear that because of the pictures but I told him I didn't care. We ate dinner and eventually made it to the small beach we used to go to. As soon as we got there it started to rain and as I looked at the thunder clouds rolling in, Russell called my name and when I turned around he was on his knee asking me to marry him. I immediately jump back so surprised and said "what?!" and "is this real?" about 3 times before I finally said YES! The whole thing was simple and perfect. We're so excited to celebrate this next chapter in our lives with you. See you in December!