Rosie & Andrew








September 9, 2023

Crosslake, MN
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How We Met

Rosie started working as a social worker at the same hospice organization Andrew did. It was Rosie’s very first day off of training and walked into a memory care facility to see a handful of patients. Rosie walked into the first patients room to find him not there, so she started flipping through the hospice journal that the team puts notes into when they visit. “Last visitor was Andrew… and he has perfect handwriting!” She thought to herself just as he walked in the door. He introduced himself and offered to show her around and introduce her to all the patients she would be supporting. She thought he was hot and way too young. He thought she was beautiful and intimidating. They ended up having many of the same patients together and became close with a RN and Chaplain, they called themselves "The Dream Team" because not only how they cared for patients, but each other. 6 months in and they cared for one of those patients and spouses that you just never forget. The love they had for each other was remarkable. Rosie showed up one afternoon because she heard the husband was actively dying. Andrew was getting him all cleaned up, with his side part and all. Family was there. The wife asked Rosie to look at pictures she is thinking of having out for the funeral. There was a picture from their wedding where she was smiling looking off and he was looking at her in that way that every person wants someone to look at them. Rosie told her that as Andrew came in the room to grab his supply bag and he awkwardly waved as he grabbed it. He could tell he walked in on a serious conversation. The wife looks at Rosie and calls her our for not noticing how Andrew stares at her. Rosie denied it. "Sure, he is super dreamy, but... really? no...." she thinks to herself. They walk back out to the family room and the family starts sharing stories. Rosie looks out of the corner of her eye and catches Andrew staring at her. They eventually exchange personal phone numbers to coordinate going to this gentleman's funeral. Only in the life of hospice workers is this stuff normal. But they are here for it! About a month later Andrew had decided to go see a patient around 5pm (end of day) as she was dying and he wanted to make sure she looked nice for when family stopped. We had cared for her husband who died a few months prior. This patient and family were special to the team. Rosie had the same idea. The patients room was so small that she nearly smacked Andrew in the face when she arrived. They were both surprised to see each other and a bit shy. This was the first time other co-workers weren't around. They sat together in the patients room. Holding her hand and talking about her family and topics they knew she enjoyed. Giving her the gift of presence and stretching it out for as long as they could. Rosie shamelessly flirted with him in the parking lot to make sure he got the message that she was into him too. He eventually did asked her out later that night. They fell for each other in a really unique setting! But also so true to who they are as individuals and a couple. Their work brings them together in so much more than professional understanding. They are so grateful for each other every day as they know how precious life is. They love spending time together going out to eat, kayaking, playing cribbage, seeing plays at The Guthrie, traveling, and being with those they love the most. They are crazy about their little family of doggies that they brought together . They are so unbelievably excited to spend time with those they love the most.