Amber & Aaron


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Amber DiMarco


Aaron Roseland

March 2, 2024

Callahan, FL
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Our Story

Amber and Aaron first met back in the fall of 2011. Amber attended the University of Florida while her high school best friends Kyle, Alexis, and Sarah all attended Florida State University, along with Aaron. Shortly into his freshman year, Aaron formed friendships with that same friend group who happened to all be from around his hometown as well. Breaks in college brought Amber and Aaron’s two worlds together. However, it wouldn’t be until 9 years later that their two worlds would become one. During these brief moments back home from college, their mutual group of friends would often hangout at someone’s house in Apopka. It was in these little moments that Amber and Aaron would get to know each other. Aaron shared that his family had known some of Amber’s family through his church. In-fact one of Amber’s cousins, Megan, used to babysit Aaron and his little sister Nicole. Amber and Aaron’s early conversations would often include their shared dream of becoming a physical therapist. While Aaron’s dream had changed its course (no thanks to Metabolism), Amber ultimately achieved her dream of becoming a physical therapist. Over the course of their 9 year friendship, Aaron on a few occasions, would shoot his shot with Amber. Once again, his dreams had different plans and changed course. To a destination known all too well as “the friendzone.” Amber and Aaron often kept in touch. Either the occasional run in through their mutual friends or with little meaningless texts, mainly talking trash about who had the better football team, Florida State or Florida. In 2020, 9 years after first meeting and nothing short of a global pandemic, Amber made a trip down to Tampa to visit with her high school friends again. Aaron, having living in Tampa, tagged along and finally their little meaningless conversations turned into something more than friends and Aaron stepped out of the friendzone. On February 25th, 2023, Aaron popped the question (yes, through tears) and Amber (just nodded- no words) said yes!

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