Chris + Elle








June 4, 2023

Lake Arrowhead, CA
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Our Story

Long story short-ish

Chris and Elle met in January of 2020 at a small group through their church (thanks, Foothill Church!). Chris approached Elle while she was trying to get a bowl of chili. Chris, being the warm guy that he is, was engaging in friendly conversation; however, Elle was more interested in the chili than a conversation, and gave off a cold impression. A few months later Elle started volunteering with the youth group at church, where Chris had already been serving for a year. Her first day on the job, Elle somehow managed to be apart of a competition where the penalty meant super soaking Chris with soda while he was blindfolded. The footage is somewhere on youtube, but let's just say, this experience left Chris with some trust issues (and soda in his hair, clothes, shoes, and ears). Over the next year and a half, they both continued to serve at youth group, attend the same church, and slowly integrate into similar friend groups. It was not long before they realized many similarities and found themselves inspiring the adventurous side in one another. All the while, without prompting, Chris and Elle had multiple people asking them what they thought about each other, planting seeds left and right. Fast forward to January 2022. after months of hanging out casually... The "hey do you want to go to CrossFit?" turned into "should we also go get dinner, then grocery shopping, teach Chris how to backflip, and maybe play Ticket To Ride or pickle ball too?" This went on for a couple weeks until Elle (gently) prompted the 2nd DTR (define the relationship) conversation. At this point Chris had a mentor tell him "you have two choices- date her, or your relationship will need to change and you might lose her as a friend." The very next day, during the half time show of the Super Bowl, Chris sat Elle down and told Elle he did not want to lose her as a friend and said his famous romantic words "let's see how this goes." I guess you could say, it's gone pretty well :) Just 3 months later, as if starting a new relationship was not enough change, Elle and Chris moved to Ontario, CA to help plant the King's Church. Over the last year, they have navigated new living situations, new community, new job (for Elle), new hobbies, and made it their goal to find the best restaurants in town. In the midst of all the change, they enjoyed traveling to 9 different states, 2 countries, taking epic road trips, marveling in God's creation, and meeting all the people that have made them who they are today. Their dating relationship has been one of much transition and growth, but also excitement, adventure, and gratitude to the Lord. It has only reminded them more just how purposeful God has been in bringing them together. God is so good and we cannot wait to see how He will continue to lead us as we learn to trust in Him and love one another!