Kimberly & Robert

    We’re tying the knot!

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Kimberly Sisk


Robert Rippy


June 9, 2023

Magnolia, TX

How It Started

First comes Swipe Right, then comes Marriage!

It all started when Kimberly downloaded a dating app to support a friend in their dating journey. She never thought anything would come of it and mostly just used it to share with friends some of the crazy messages she would receive, hahaha! Just 3 days after downloading it she swiped right on this guy named Robert and it instantly showed as a match! She didn’t think much of it and didn’t get on the app for another week after that day. When she finally checked her messages, there was a sweet message and a “super like” from that same guy. When she messaged him back, she was surprised at how sweet and funny he was. They began messaging throughout every day. She loved how he took the time to ask her so many unique questions to get to know her and it didn’t hurt that he kept her laughing! Not a single day passed that they weren’t talking, and a beautiful connection was formed! Robert was nothing that Kimberly was looking for and everything that she needed! He is the younger one, from a different town, with a crazy work schedule, and if you know Kimberly.. you know those are completely out of her “perimeters.” They are still trying to figure out how they managed to meet! When Kimberly finally agreed to a date they went all in and decided to go all the way to Galveston for it. Robert drove an hour and a half to pick up Kimberly for their date and then drive her another hour and half to Galveston to spend the day together. People thought they were out of their minds! From that very first date, Kimberly knew that Robert was something special. The world shut down due to Covid after that first date and it would be several weeks before they could see each other again, but that didn’t stop them from talking all day every day. From the very beginning, and long before he ever actually met Kaiden; Robert showed a genuine interest in knowing everything about him and building a bond with him! He was sure to always make him feel included and cared for in every way that he could. By the fourth date, Robert asked Kimberly to be his girlfriend exclusively on June 12, 2020. Fast forward almost exactly 2 years to the date, Robert took Kimberly back to where they had their first date to ask her to spend forever together surrounded by some of their families and dearest friends! ❤️

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