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ciera daniels


keon ware


January 24, 2025

Angleton, TX
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Love at first Olive Garden

July 2018

It all started in July of 2018. Ciera and Keon had met in January of that year when they became coworkers at Olive Garden Italian Restaurant in Pearland, TX. After working there for 6 months and leaving to give birth to her son, Ciera returned in July to get right back to work. Upon her return, the very first person that greeted her was, as you can guess, Mr. Keon Ware! With his gentle yet comedic approach, he embraced Ciera with a hug and a warm welcome back! (She knew he wanted her all along lol) It wasn’t until about 2 weeks later when Ciera needed to swap shifts with Keon.. she took it upon herself to ask a fellow coworker for his number. That one text turned into a lifetime of love and laughter for these 2 lovebirds. They have been inseparable since! For 6 years now, they have shared the happiest of times in their lives together, as well as some of the darkest. Despite what life has thrown their way, GOD has kept them through it all, and has blessed them to make it to this day! Ciera & Keon share many interest like their love for God, for family, and definitely their love for laughter and joy! In 2020 they gave birth to their beautiful baby girl, Kassidy. She was the 3rd and final addition to their beautiful blended family! With open arms, We welcome you into our love story! We can not wait to celebrate our union with you all!!!! -The Bride & Groom

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