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Chris Walker


Alanna Broderick

June 7, 2024

Westport, CT
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How We Met

Yes! We know we did things backwards and no our kiddos were not accidents:)

We met at a Crossfit gym in Mamaroneck, NY in 2013 where Chris was a coach. Chris didn't speak to me for an entire year, even though he says he was intrigued with me from day 1. We finally started a friendship after I slid into his DMs asking for Crossfit tips. Our first date was at a winery where I fell in a porta potty. Chris for some reason found that attractive. They say when you know you know.... we moved in together 4 weeks later and decided immediately that we wanted to build a life together and have a family.

The Proposal

It's About Time!

After two kids and 8 years of being together, I kind of figured we weren't going to take the traditional path of marriage. Our lives were busy with raising kids and demanding careers. Marriage at this point was not a priority but on December 24th- Christmas day in 2022 I got the biggest surprise of my life. After we opened the plethora of gifts for the kids Chris followed me into the bathroom. I was so perplexed and annoyed by him following me into the bathroom that it didn't dawn on me that he was proposing until he took out my beautiful ring and said, "So you wanna get married?" At first, I screamed in a combination of shock and joy but then I couldn't get over that he was proposing in the bathroom. He said, "Well you fell in a porta potty on our first date so I thought proposing in the bathroom would be sentimental." Cue the hugs, kisses, tears, and screams of excitement. I then ran into the living room to share our news with my mom and sister. Later that morning we surprised Jimmy and Irene with the shocking news.

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